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At least two cedar posts (depending on size), sturdy wooden frame and either natural palm leaves or synthetic palms for the thatch. We can construct them to the size you have in mind! Popular sizes are 10'x10', 12'x15', and 20'x20' and can be round, square or rectangular.

Tiki Bars

Resistant cedar wood and natural bamboo create a tropical atmosphere perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Typical size is 8' long x 3' wide and can include thatch above, if desired.


Includes natural or synthetic palm leaves, wooden frame, single cedar post, 3' round cedar table, foot rests, and up to 4 in-ground stools around the umbrella.

Re-thatch and Repair

North Texas Palapas replaces old, worn thatch for fresh, natural palm leaves or synthetic palm leaves. Natural palms are recommended to be changed every six years for proper maintenance, whereas synthetic palms are more durable against outdoor elements like wind and fire and zero maintenance.


Cedar wood structure built with columns or posts that support a latticework pattern and can be installed with clear roof panels on top.

Cedar Woodwork and Flooring

North Texas Palapas specializes in creating custom cedar woodwork, such as benches, stools, tables, ice chest cabinets, etc. We also do works that include flooring such as concrete, Saltillo tiles, Oklahoma flagstone, crushed granite, as well as electric installs.

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